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Let's get Stephen elected! How you can help:


Circle June 14th on your calendar!  Every vote counts, and we want yours to count for STEPHEN GOLDFINCH FOR SENATE DISTRICT 34 this June 14th.  Remind your friends to register and make sure to update your voter registration information at  If you think you may be out of town on June 14th, you can vote today…early…and in-person.  All you have to do is visit County Voter Registration at 303 North Hazard St for Georgetown County, 1515 4th Ave in Conway for Horry County, or 4367 Headquarters Rd in North Charleston for Charleston County.  Or if you’d like to vote by absentee mail, you can request an absentee ballot by calling (843)545-3339 for Georgetown, (843)915-5440 for Horry, and (843)744-8683 for Charleston.  However you choose to vote, fewer than 5,000 votes will win this election, so please vote for Stephen and encourage your friends, neighbors and co-workers to vote as well.  If you need more details, please call us at (843)742-1120!



Show your neighbors that STEPHEN is right for the 34th district!  All you have to do is give us a call/text at (843)742-1120 or email us at and we’re happy to send one of our good volunteers to deliver your sign for you!  You can also visit our website at and click on the “Volunteer” tab.  The number one way to earn votes for Stephen is for your neighbors to know that you support him by putting a yard sign in your yard.  Also, if you know a good high-traffic location for a large sign please call us and we’ll send our crew to place in on your suggested property.



Our campaign is working hard to find opportunities for Stephen to personally meet every potential Republican voter in the district…because we all know, if Stephen can meet someone new, he almost always convinces that person to vote for him.  One of the best ways we’ve found to meet new people is when supporters like you invite Stephen to your home and ask your co-workers, folks from church, people you know from Rotary, fellow parents from Little League, people you attend Bible study with…in short your friends and acquaintances from across the district to come meet Stephen.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant, most folks serve cookies and punch or cheese and wine, but it’s a wonderful way to help the campaign and let your friends get to know Stephen.



Stephen has a goal to knock on the doors of 2,500 targeted Republicans over the course of the campaign—and he’s well on his way to accomplishing his goal.  The campaign has a separate goal of sending volunteers to the doors of another 5,000 targeted Republican households.  To make Stephen’s door-knocking more efficient, we like to walk neighborhoods with a resident of that neighborhood.  If you live a neighborhood with a lot of Republican voters and you’d be willing to join Stephen when he walks, let us know, and we’ll coordinate a good time for you to meet up with Stephen.  If you feel comfortable joining with other volunteers as we send teams into targeted areas or visiting your own neighbors on behalf of Stephen, let us know that too.  We’ll send you a list of targeted Republican voters and all the Stephen for Senate campaign materials you’ll need.  If YOU want to knock doors for Stephen call us at (843)742-1120!



We need to raise about $60,000 more to fully fund our campaign budget.  A winning campaign costs money, and your financial investment in Goldfinch for Senate will go a long way towards success!  If you would be willing to serve as a host of an event at your home, your business or at a local restaurant, please call the campaign at (843)742-1120.



Our campaign is constantly using email and other social media tools and technologies to reach targeted voters from all around district 34.  Personal e-mail (from supporters like you to your friends) is still one of the simplest and easiest ways to reach people and ask them to vote for Stephen.  Really…one of the best investments of time you can make on Stephen’s behalf is to spend 10 minutes drafting a quick email about why you support Stephen, then cut-paste that email to dozens or even hundreds of folks in your address book.  Supporters who have done this tell us they’re shocked at the number of replies they receive, and praise the effectiveness of this simple effort. 



Want to reach a larger audience?  Write a letter to the editor to the Sun News, South Strand News, Coastal Observer, or the Post and Courier.  Often editors at the papers choose letters that address timely topics that are in the news, so if you need help finding a good, newsworthy topic, call us at (843)742-1120 and we’ll help you. Otherwise, simply submit a letter explaining why you support Stephen.  It’s very easy to do… you visit for the Sun News, for the South Strand News, for the Coastal Observer, or you can email your letter to the Post and Courier at  You can submit them easily online.  (Sometimes, the Sun News or others will call you to confirm the validity of your submission.)



The weeks leading up to the election, we plan to publicize folks who have offered their own personal endorsement.  This isn’t just for elected officials or groups in the area, Stephen wants YOUR endorsement.  Blue collar or white collar, old or young, show your support for Stephen.  Allowing us to your name publicly will be a big momentum boost late in the campaign.  To join this growing list, go to and click on the “Volunteer” tab.



Our campaign volunteers have already made many personal calls to likely Republican Primary voters, but there are more than 10,000 calls that still need to be made.  New technologies are available to every one of our volunteers that allow them to efficiently log into our database (from either your computer or your smart phone) and get a simple script and voter list.  Stephen figured it out—so you know it’s simple to use!  You can participate by coming to one of our phone banks, or if it’s easier for you, you can call from home.  To get signed up, call the campaign at (843)742-1120 and sign up for an hour-long shift.  It’s simple and easy and really helps us remind voters to vote for Stephen on June 14th.



New digital media technologies are changing the ways we all conduct business, get news, communicate with each other and advertise.  More than 55% of targeted GOP voters in our district have FaceBook…on average, these voters all have 330 FaceBook friends…and almost 75% check their home page at least once a day.  If you have a FaceBook page, there are several ways you can help:  (1) become a friend of Stephens by searching for Stephen Goldfinch; (2) become of fan of our Rep Stephen Goldfinch page by searching for Rep Stephen Goldfinch; (3) when you see one of Stephen’s posts, “like”, “comment”, and “share” it.  (4)  Introduce your friends to Stephen and encourage them to become of friend of Stephens or a fan of Rep Stephen Goldfinch.  All of these tasks are very easy and won’t take 5 minutes to complete.  If you need help in doing any of them, just call the campaign at (843)742-1120 and we’ll walk you through the entire process. 

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