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"I proudly support the conservative values of Senate District 34. My main focus will remain fixed upon the issues that matter the most to not just the citizens of my district, but to the entire state as well.


I believe in the principles of the United States Constitution. I will not cease to concentrate on improving the economy, supporting job creation, lowering taxes, giving parents choice for their child's education, and decreasing cumbersome regulations. The role of government should be limited to simply serving citizens where and when the private sector cannot.


I will continue to work towards maintaining and improving the quality of life in our great state."

– Stephen Goldfinch



Rep. Goldfinch aims for the creation of a fair and competitive tax structure that can lead to increased job creation and an improved economy.


Studies prove that lowering taxes and decreasing burdensome government regulations result in new business growth which provides for additional jobs — and a higher standard of living for all. Keeping the growth of government to a minimum can actually promote a more dynamic and stable economy. Stephen will continue the fight against tax increases and government intrusion as a state senator to help district 34 grow and reach its full potential.


Stephen knows that it is possible for a limited government to effectively serve citizens where and when the private sector cannot. When government grows too large it can actually have a detrimental effect when it encroaches too far into the daily lives of its citizens. It can cause many to become dependent upon the government for answers rather than rely on their own ingenuity and strengths. While the government does not create jobs, it can help create an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation. As your senator, Stephen will continue his work at the state level to help keep bureaucrats off of the backs of small business owners and proprietors.


The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is not for everyone, and should not have been forced onto the citizenry of our state. If allowed to become too burdensome, it can impact our economy. Any new healthcare reform plans should begin with careful examination and should be centered upon strengthening the doctor-patient relationship. Leveraging market forces can drive down the costs and generate new opportunities. The federal government should not come between the doctor and patient and the state’s own best practices. Everyday health care decisions of South Carolinians should be only made by South Carolinians.


Stephen Goldfinch supports improved educational choices for children. A sound educational foundation is fundamental to a strong economy and continued growth within our nation, our state and our district. He believes that education is best addressed by the state and local school districts and not by Washington, DC. Parents should have as many choices as possible for their child’s education. Stephen supports legislation that promotes both school choice and accountability for performance at the state level. He voted for the recent change in law that allows South Carolina to replace Common Core with its own tested standards. As your senator, he will continue the fight to make sure congress follows through with standards that meet our student’s needs and prepares them for the future.


Stephen helped fight for funding approval to begin the dredging project. It will increase the depth of the Georgetown channel to 27 feet to allow for easier access by ships and boats into the port. This will surely improve and grow the area’s economy and help the port become successful again.


Stephen Goldfinch will continue to work to find and create effective ways to fund and improve the area’s infrastructure needs. He understands the importance of having sound roads, bridges and structures for all residents. There is work to be done, and Stephen is ready to do it!

Stephen Goldfinch for SC Senate  |  P.O. Box 823  |  Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

Tel: 843-385-4302  |  email: stephengoldfinch@gmail.com


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