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Stephen L. Goldfinch, Jr. currently serves in the S.C. Senate from District 34 (portions of Horry, Georgetown and Charleston counties).


A leader who will utilize his business skills, knowledge, and experience,

Stephen is a conservative reformer. 

His political philosophy is simple:

  • the foundational principles of the Constitution guide every political decision.

  • government is best when government is least.

  • government taxes too much, spends too much and must be limited in their

        scope and influence.

  • decisions should be made locally and closest to the people.


Stephen is working to make South Carolina more competitive and viable.

His main goals in the senate include: 

  • bring meaningful, higher-paying jobs (including technical jobs) to District 34.

  • fundamentally and comprehensively reform our tax system.

  • fight for key infrastructure and roads needs of District 34.

  • expand economic opportunity for everyone.

  • reform our public schools by encouraging choice and competition.

  • encourage County and State governing bodies to run more efficiently.

  • create an environment that helps families and small businesses become stronger and more stable.


Stephen practices civil litigation, criminal litigation, real estate, estate planning, and business law in Murrells Inlet and is a founding partner at the firm of Goldfinch Winslow, LLC.


Stephen grew up in Murrells Inlet and earned a degree in Biology from The Citadel where he graduated with honors; Dean’s list, the President’s list, and the Commandant’s list.  He also received a Masters in Business Administration from the Citadel and earned his Law degree from The Charleston School of Law in 2010. 



Stephen is a native South Carolinian.  He is the son of Stephen Goldfinch Sr. and Patricia Briggs.  He is married to Renee and they have a daughter, Hadlee Edwards and a son, Tripp.


Stephen and Renee are active in their community, and committed to service, their neighbors, the public, and their growing family. They attend First Baptist of Murrells Inlet.


Avid outdoors people, Stephen and Renee enjoy traveling—with a special fondness for the Southern Africa area where they have served to distribute humanitarian aid and minister to needy children.


Stephen has been involved with the Awendaw Community Action Group, the Murrells Inlet 2020 Community Revitalization Group, Helping Hands of Georgetown and Junior Achievement. 


Stephen is a licensed pilot, boat captain, master scuba diver and long-time fishing enthusiast who wants future generations to be able to enjoy the local waterways for years to come.




Stephen currently serves in the S.C. Senate from District 34.

His current committee assignments include:

 He also served in the S.C. House of Representatives from District 108. 


As a Republican who supports conservative, commonsense solutions and reforms, Stephen concentrated his efforts on jobs, the economy, lowering taxes, and decreasing cumbersome regulations.  Stephen’s legislative record includes:

  • voting to replace Common Core with S.C.’s own standard.

  • voting for Emma’s Law which requires DUI offenders with a blood alcohol content of 0.15 or higher be required to have an interlock device installed on their vehicle.

  • introduced the S.C. Fair Tax Act that would eliminate the state income tax on individuals and businesses.

  • opposed the effort to expand Medicaid to those individuals who can work but don’t.

  • introduced legislation requiring that specific standards be upheld by businesses that sell seafood in South Carolina.

  • sponsored the bill which prohibits abortions after twenty weeks

  • led the fight against federal bureaucrats and opposed additional no-fishing zones in the South Atlantic,

  • voted to expand Workers’ Compensation benefits to Law Enforcement Officers to include personal injury and mental injury or illness.

  • worked to ensure new state funding for maintenance dredging for the Port of Georgetown.


Other Civic Involvement

  • Chairman, GSATS (Grand Strand Area Transportation Study Committee)

  • Chairman, the Georgetown County Legislative Delegation

  • Chairman, the Wildlife and Natural Resources Committee of the Charleston Delegation

  • JAG Officer in the SC Army National Guard

  • An appointed member of the Hunley Commission

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