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The Past Week in the Senate: March 12 - 16, 2018

As always, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, and thank you for allowing me to serve you in Columbia.

Sent to the house for consideration...

State of Emergency Refills

This bill will allow for a one-time, thirty-day emergency refill during a state of emergency.

Controlled Substance Take-Back Events

A bill to require Sheriffs to maintain at least one onsite drop-off box throughout the year that is available to the general public for the purpose of disposing of controlled substances.

Department of Children’s Advocacy

A bill to create the Department of Children’s Advocacy, the director of which shall be appointed by the Governor with the consent of the Senate. The purpose of the agency is to ensure that children receive adequate protection and care from services or programs offered various state agencies. The Department will also receive and investigate complaints from children in the care of the state. The Department shall also be required to establish a toll free child abuse hotline. Finally the Foster Care review Board and the Continuum of Care will be transferred under the Department of Children’s Advocacy.

Returned to the house with amendment...

Foster Care

A bill to require the DSS prior to making an interim placement of a child with a relative who is not licensed as a foster parent the process of becoming licensed and the benefits associated with it. If the Court finds that the department complied with the requirements of preplacement and the relative indicates to the court that they do not wish to pursue licensure, the court may approve the placement. The bill requires that a relative must be licensed in accordance with the same requirements as a nonrelative, however the department may waive on an individual basis non-safety elements. The department in determining whether a person is able to care for the foster child shall take into consideration the parental preference and the preference for placement with a relative who is known to the child. The bill further sets out minimum safety process for placement households and adds additional items to be included in the annual report to the General Assembly.

Non-Resident Adoption

A bill to provide circumstances under which a nonresident may adopt and to provide for the right to file a petition for adoption.

Second Reading..

Shore Baseline

A bill to extend the deadline to establish the final baseline and setback line for each erosion zone until December 31, 2019.

Enrolled for ratification...

Lt. Governor

A bill to provide beginning with the 2018 general election a procedure for the Governor to select a Lieutenant Governor as a joint ticket running mate and to provide that they should be considered as a single candidate for contributions and establishing a committee. The bill will increase the contribution limit to three thousand five hundred for jointly elected candidates.

General Appropriations Veto Actions:


Veto 3 Personal Emergency Response System

Veto 9 Welcome Center Complex Mowing

Veto 11 New Position Info Resource Consultant

Veto 16 CHE research university STEM equipment


Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee

Favorable Reports:

Uniform Limited Liability Company Act

This bill repeals the Uniform Limited Liability Company Act of 1996 and replaces it with the Uniform LLC Act of 2017. This bill provides for the manner in which limited liability companies are organized, operated, regulated, dissolved and transferred. The bill also states that an LLC operating agreement may restrict or eliminate statutory fiduciary duties, a LLC member cannot be held liable for malfeasance of an LLC by virtue of his membership alone, and a nonprofit LLC may be formed in South Carolina.

Revised Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act

A bill to set forth powers of unincorporated nonprofit associations, to specify liability and to set forth the process by which a legal action against an association is adjudicated.

Private Investigators

A bill to prohibit a private investigation business from knowingly representing multiple parties with opposing interests in civil or criminal matters and to provide penalties.

Addiction Counselors

A bill to require anyone representing himself as an addiction counselor be licensed by the Board of Examiners for Licensure of Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Addiction Counselors and Psycho-Educational Specialists. The bill sets out the requirements. Currently there are no requirements that an addiction counselor obtain a license.

Judiciary Committee

Favorable Reports:


A bill to create a criminal penalty for the offense of strangulation which carries up to five years. The bill specifically designates this offense as a lesser included of attempted murder, ABHAN and AB 1st. It also specifically makes this criminal offense a “no intent” to kill crime and does not require evidence of visible injury.


A bill to provide a criminal penalty for a person who threatens, solicits another to threaten, or conspire to threaten to cause damage, injury or death to another by use of a firearm or dangerous weapon on school property. It will require a mental health evaluation as a condition of bond and allow a solicitor to refer them to a mental health court or to require a court to order mental health counseling as a condition of his sentence.

Abuse and Neglect

A bill to clarify that a child may be a victim of trafficking in persons regardless of whether the perpetrator is a parent, guardian, or other person responsible for the child’s welfare.

Permits for Alcohol

A bill to extend the ability to obtain permits to purchase and sell beer and wine for on-premises consumption and a biennial license to purchase alcoholic liquors by the drink to include at a soccer complex.

Nuisance Property Cleanup Bill

This bill will make it easier to keep cities and counties clean. It will allow a county to require by ordinance that the owner of any property in the county keep their property clean of debris and other unhealthy conditions. If the owner of the property fails to comply, the county can enter the property and clean up the property. The costs of the cleanup can be collected on the property tax bill. Farm land is exempt from the provisions of these bills.

Special Purpose District

A bill to allow a work of art received by a special purpose district through gift, bequest, purchase or by other means may transfer ownership of the object to a nonprofit corporation organized for the purpose of displaying works of art for such consideration or upon the terms of the governing body of a special purpose district.

Coming up this week...

General Committee:


A bill to prohibit the DSS from applying for, seeking, accepting or renewing a waiver of the work requirements for a person applying for or receiving supplemental nutrition assistance program benefits, this would not include disabled seniors or children.


A bill to allow the DSS to forego reasonable efforts to reunify a family in the case of torture, it will also include as a grounds for termination of parental rights, the torturing of a child. The bill adds into homicide by child abuse, death by torture or allowing another to torture causing death to a child.

Mandatory Reporters

A bill to add religious counselors, school or college administrators, coaches, firefighters, camp counselors and scout leaders as mandated reporters.

As always, thank you for the privilege of serving you in Columbia. If I can ever be of assistance to you, or if you have ideas on the issues you want me to share with the rest of the General Assembly, please don't hesitate to contact me at 843-385-4302.

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