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Year In Review - V.C. Summer

South Carolina Senate Majority

2018 Session 122

Year in Review

Any decision made regarding this highly complex and complicated issue may have lasting impacts on customers’ rates and on one of the largest South Carolina owned companies. Keeping these priorities in mind, here's the progress we've made with V.C. Summers, during this session.

EXPERIMENTAL RATES.954 Our focus in the Senate has been focused on ratepayers first. We have to protect their interests and their money. This is highly complex and complicated issue. It cannot be simplified to a catch phrase or news headline. Any decision made may impact customers’ rates in the present and future, affect the standing of one of the largest South Carolina owned companies, cause changes of trading in the Market; and no matter what decision is ultimately made will almost certainly result in a lawsuit. It is our hope in the Senate to shoot straight because more than anything, customers do not want to be told they are getting something only to find out that has changed…they have experienced enough of that. The Senate amended S.954 to implement an experimental rate to customer’s bills that if passed makes an immediate 13% cut to customers rates for the amount going to pay for V.C. Summer. There is a lot of finger pointing happening with this issue and there is plenty to go around. But the blame game doesn’t build two nuclear reactors or make customers whole. We need to remember that the frontline employees are just trying to do their job and are not to blame for SCANA leadership, legislative or PSC decisions.

Status: Conference Committee

BASE LOAD REVIEW ACT REPEALH.4375 A bill to enact a prospective repeal of the Base Load Review Act, and provide definitions of terms “prudent” and “imprudence.”

Status: Conference Committee

CONSUMER ADVOCATE CREATIONH.4379 A bill creating a Utilities Consumer Advocate to safeguard the interests of consumers in dealings with public utilities that offer such essential services as electrical power, gas pipelines for heating and cooking needs, water, sewerage, and telecommunications. The new Utilities Consumer Advocate must be an attorney qualified to practice in all the state's courts.

Status: Returned to House with Amendments

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