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Year In Review- Jobs & Economy


Agribusiness is probably our state’s largest industries, contributing tens of billions of dollars for our economy and hundreds of thousands of jobs, but over time government regulations have stifled poultry operations in the Palmetto State. To our local farmers and family-owned businesses who have contributed so much to agribusiness...we have your back. H.3929 reduces the regulatory barriers on poultry suppliers, creating a better farm-friendly environment. Agriculture has proven to be a major driver for economic growth and development, and we will continue to protect that industry in the Senate. The Governor has signed that bill into law signifying a bright future for our farmers.


We are leading the southeast in manufacturing with more than 5,000 facilities in the state and approximately 11% of our workforce linked to the manufacturing industry. That is a big deal, and continuing to focus on a pro-business climate is a major factor in brining higher paying jobs to our state and certainly something we’re going to continue to focus on in the future. H.3653 provides safeguards against unreasonable nuisance lawsuits brought again


Local political subdivisions, all across the nation, are passing mandates that harm small businesses that ought to be statewide policy. S.218 limits political subdivisions from mandating employee standards that may harm small businesses and be outside of uniform, statewide workforce policy. This is an important measure to maintain South Carolina’s national recognized pro-business reputation and continue our success in providing protections for locally owned small businesses from job killing regulations and standards. South Carolina already has law prohibiting political subdivisions from mandating a minimum wage.


Welcoming new industry and new jobs to South Carolina, the General Assembly created a pilot program in 2017 for industrial hemp to be grown by 40 permit holders (40 areas each) for a research program. The program will be monitored and permits issued by the SC Department of Agriculture. Growers are required to be South Carolina residents and background checked by SLED. If the crop is tested to be above 0.3 percent THC, the crop will be destroyed or reconditioned.


Our economy and workforce is growing. We want to see working South Carolinians are lifted out of poverty and have the opportunities to better their lives and provide for their families. The South Carolina Employment First Study Committee, established in H.4093, will study and evaluate the need for a policy supportive of competitive and integrated employment of individuals with disabilities. The committee will consist of one member appointed by Governor, one member appointed by Lieutenant Governor, one me

mber appointed by President Pro Tempore of the Senate, one member appointed by Speaker of the House, One member appointed by the Senate General Committee and one member appointed by Chairman of the House Medical, Military and Public and Municipal Affairs Committee.

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