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Legislative Weekly Summary: Jan. 28-Feb. 1, 2019

Third Reading and Sent to the House

S.16 -- Emergency Prescription Refills: A bill to extend the amount of a prescription refill supply from a ten (10) day period to a fourteen (14) day supply. In the event that a pharmacist is unable to dispense an emergency refill for the time period due to the medication’s packaging, the pharmacist is permitted to dispense up to a thirty-day (30) quantity. As amended, the dispensing pharmacist must notify the prescriber of the refill, and the amount, no later than ten (10) days after the supply is filled. An emergency supply is only allowable once in a twelve-month period.

S.21 -- Birth Certificates: A bill to order that the putative father, upon a court-ordered finding, be added to a child’s birth certificate and a birth certificate be amended to include the name of the father. Orders modifying, vacating, or amending paternity orders must be handled by the clerk of court and State Registrar in the same manner. The surname of the child must not be changed on the certificate as a result of this provision.

S.75 -- Corporate Governance Disclosure: A bill to require an insurer or insurance group to submit a corporate governance annual disclosure and establish requirements for the disclosure, provide penalty if an insurer fails to file the disclosure, and establish a procedure for the director to determine whether he may act as a group-wide supervisor and further definitions.

S.80 -- American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission: A joint resolution to amend the membership of the South Carolina American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission from thirteen (13) members to fifteen (15) members. The membership of the Commission will consist as follows: The Governor, ex officio, or his designee, the Chairman of the Archives and History Commission, ex officio; the Director of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, ex officio; four (4) members appointed by the President of the Senate; four (4) members appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives; and four (4) members appointed by the Governor. Any member who was appointed by the Lieutenant Governor shall be deemed to have been appointed by the President of the Senate and may continue to serve on the Commission.

S.108 -- Capitol Grounds: A bill to re-define the coordinates containing the capitol grounds to add Pendleton Street as a defining boundary. The updated coordinates would surround the entire capitol complex: Gervais, Assembly, Pendleton and Sumter Streets. The provision also requires prior approval by the Senate sergeant at arms and House sergeant at arms before restriction of the State House by the general public or press - except in exigent circumstances.

S.168 -- Streamlining Teacher Paperwork: A joint resolution to direct the State Department of Education to develop recommendations for reducing and streamlining the amount of paperwork and reporting required of teachers, schools, and school districts. The Department must also include information on district, and state levels, the entity requiring the data, method of reporting and frequency of the report. The Department shall report its recommendations to the Chairman of the Senate Education Committee and Chairman of the House Education and Public Works Committee no later than August 1, 2019.

S.176 -- Death Sentences: A bill to switch the default method of execution for a person convicted of a capital crime, and having imposed upon him the sentence of death, to electrocution. The person may retain the selection of the method of execution as lethal injection, firing squad or electrocution. If the Department of Corrections is unable to carry out the sentence, the Director shall determine and certify by affidavit to the Supreme Court whether the method is available. If lethal injection is determined to be unavailable, the manner of inflicting a death sentence must be by electrocution.

S.194 -- Prostitution: A bill to redefine terms relating to prostitution, increase penalties for solicitation of prostitution, keeping a brothel and inducing another to participation in prostitution, and establishes an affirmative defense of victims of human trafficking.

S.196 -- Marriage Licenses: A bill to repeal Section 20-1-300 of the 1976 Code relating to issuance of a marriage license to an unmarried female and male under eighteen years when the female is pregnant or has borne a child.

S.228 --Tri-County Technical College Enterprise Campus Authority: A bill relating to the Technical College Enterprise Campus Authorities to create the Tri-County Technical College Enterprise Authority and establish membership and duties of the board.

Given Second Reading

S.358 -- Workers Compensation: Relating to South Carolina Insurance Guaranty Association to prohibit self-insurer from participating in or obtaining benefits from workers' compensation commission to secure an actuarial opinion before approving transfer of a self-insurer to a licensed insurer.

S.360 -- Food Spoilage Claims: Procedures for Department of Insurance. Certain individuals are authorized to adjust food spoilage claims without adjuster's license, and make additional provisions relating to insurance policy and data security.

Looking Ahead to Next Week

Family & Veterans’ Services Committee

Confirmation Hearing -- Confirmation Hearing of Adjutant General Major General Roy Van McCarty.

Senate Judiciary Committee

S.188 -- Safe Harbor for Exploited Minors: A bill to provide protection of the identity of minor victims of trafficking in persons, and provide criminal and civil liability protections to minors charged with certain crimes involving prostitution and coerced involvement in such crimes.

S.279 -- Board of Juvenile Parole Quorum: A bill to change the quorum requirements of the Department of Juvenile Justice’s Board of Juvenile Parole, to conform to board membership changes.

S.18 -- Ignition Interlock Devices: A bill to allow persons under the age of twenty-one who is serving a suspension or denial of license to enroll in the ignition interlock device program, and additional requirements and fees.

S.397 -- Powers of Sheriffs: A bill to provide that a county sheriff has the power of constable and enforce cases arising within county limits, including municipal limits. When in fresh and continuous pursuit of a suspect within county limits, police officers may follow and arrest the suspect anywhere in the State.

S.79 -- Free-Range Parenting: A bill to provide that ‘child abuse or neglect’ or ‘harm’ does not occur if a parent or guardian responsible for a child’s welfare permits a child to engage in independent activities that do not result in unreasonable risk of harm including, but not limited to: walking, running, bicycling for travel to and from school; engaging in outdoor play; remaining at home unattended; or engaging in similar independent activities.

As always, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, and thank you for allowing me to serve you in Columbia.

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