Week in Review January 27-31, 2020

South Carolina Senate Majority

Weekly Legislative Summary

This Week In Committee

Judiciary Committee

S.290 --Curbside Beer or Wine Pickup: A bill to remove beer or wine from being prohibited to be sold on a drive through or curb service basis. A retailer may deliver beer and wine in closed containers for off-premises consumption to those who have purchased in advance of delivery for curbside pickup from a retail business. A customer must affirm at pickup that he is twenty-one years of age or older. Retailers who violate the section are subject to penalties.

S.866 -- Municipal Elections: A bill to provide that the county boards of voter registration and elections be considered the appropriate authority to hear parties contesting results of municipal elections.

S.1007 --Alcoholic Liquors At Airports: A bill to allow the sale of nonalcoholic merchandise for retail establishments at commercial service airports that sell alcoholic liquors. Additionally, to exempt commercial service airports from the hours limited to the sale of alcoholic liquors by the drink, and allow the hours of operation to be established by the airport.

H.3029 -- Election Protests: A bill to add county officers and less than county officers to the authority of the state executive committee to hear protests and contests that arise in an election.

S.867 -- Absentee Voting: A bill to provide the examination of return-addressed envelopes containing absentee ballots may begin at 9:00 a.m. the day preceding election day - previously 2:00 p.m. the day of election day. To additionally provide the operation of the absentee voting system and voting machine other than business hours of the county board of voter registration and elections and conduct the procedure for counting ballots and polling place.

Rules Committee

S.890 -- Disclosure For Appropriations: A bill to add Rule 55 to the Rules of the Senate to provide the Chairman of the Committee on Finance attach a statement to the General Appropriations Bill, Supplemental Appropriations Bill, and Joint Resolution appropriating revenues identifying each funding request made by a Senator for an appropriation, program or project. The statement must contain the Senator’s name, explanation of the project or program, amount requested, and amount appropriated. The statement must be attached prior to a second reading vote. A similar statement must be attached to any Conference Report appropriating revenues identifying whether the request originated by a Senator or the House of Representatives.

Transportation Committee

S.1026 -- International Registration Plan: A bill relating to the registration and licensure of vehicles that if a commercial motor vehicle is registered through the International Registration Plan and operated by the USDOT then the personal to whom the USDOT number is assigned may register the commercial motor vehicle by submitting the application and fees the SCDMV.

Banking and Insurance Committee

S.882 -- South Carolina Private Flood Insurance Act: A bill to establish a baseline for regulating flood insurance in the state by specifying requirements for insurers that offer flood coverage. The bill establishes two classes of flood insurance: (1) standard, the policy is equivalent to coverage offered under the NFIP, and (2) nonstandard, that the policy is focused on insureds who seek flexibility in levels of coverage and are not required by a mortgage contract to carry coverage. Insurers are required to file their rates with the Department for informational purposes. Rates must comply with customary standard and may not be unfairly discriminatory and additional provisions.

As always, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, and thank you for allowing me to serve you in Columbia.

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