Week in Review February 3-7, 2020

South Carolina Senate Majority

Weekly Legislative Summary

This Week In Committee

Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee

S.690 --Geological Survey Unit (LiDar): A bill to authorize the South Carolina Geological Survey Unit of the Department of Natural Resources to conduct topographic mapping using light detection and ranging (LiDar) at least every five years. The information will be provided to the SCDNR Flood Mitigation Program to ensure compliance with Federal guidelines. The unit is authorized to work with local, state, and federal governmental entities to complete the topographic mapping and publish the results on the SCDNR website.

S.870 -- Oil and Gas Exploration Infrastructure Permits: A bill to provide that the Department of Health and Environmental Control is prohibiting from approving a plan, license or issuing a permit for onshore infrastructure used to facilitate the transportation of crude oil or natural gas from the Atlantic Ocean, or for the exploration of oil or gas within the territorial waters of the State.

Transportation Committee

S.9 --Driving in Left Lane: A bill to provide a vehicle may not be driven in the furthest left lane of an interstate highway except when overtaking and passing another vehicle. The provision provides exceptions when no other vehicle is directly behind another vehicle in left lane, when traffic or congestion makes it impractical, for obstructions or hazards and other related exceptions. Only warning tickets may be issued for a violation for a period of ninety days.

S.883 -- Foreign Trade Zones: A bill to allow the Richland-Lexington Airport Commission to make an application to the Foreign-Trade Zones Board for the purpose of establishing, operating and maintaining foreign trade zones in regional counties. The commission shall select the zones for which an application may be made and make regulations to insurance appropriate compliance with the Act. The commission may erect structures, structures, and have related powers in accordance with the Act.

H.3695 -- High-Mileage Tax Deductions: A bill to allow for appropriate adjustments to tax of vehicles for high mileage motorcycles, three-wheel vehicles to be deemed two-thirds of the average for other private passenger motor vehicles.

Finance Committee

S.545 --North American Classification System: A bill to require the Department of Revenue to follow North American Classification System Manual Provisions, and repeal a section relating to appraising and assessing personal property of business under jurisdiction of the county auditor.

H.3485 --Historic Preservation Grant Fund: A bill to remove the provision allowing the Department of Archives and History to establish fees and provide the Department shall develop an application process.

Looking Ahead to Next Week

Medical Affairs Committee

S.16--Emergency Refills of Prescriptions: A bill to increase the amount of a prescription that may be refilled for an emergency refill from a ten-day supply to a fourteen-day supply. Additionally, the pharmacist must properly record and label the medication as an emergency refill. In the event that a pharmacist is unable to dispense and emergency refill for the specified time period, the pharmacist is permitted to dispense up to a thirty-day quantity under certain circumstances.

As always, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, and thank you for allowing me to serve you in Columbia.

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