Week in Review March 9 -13, 2020

South Carolina Senate Majority

Weekly Legislative Summary

Third Reading and Sent to the House

S.9 – Driving In Left Lane: A bill to provide a vehicle may not be driven in the furthest left lane of an interstate highway except when overtaking and passing another vehicle. The bill provides exceptions for traffic conditions and congestion, during inclement weather conditions, hazards in the right lane and other exceptions. Only warning tickets may be issued for a period of ninety (90) days after the effective date.

S.545 – North American Classification System: A bill to require county auditor offices to use the Department of Revenue’s Form PT-100 and follow the most recent North American Industry Classification System Manual.

S.690 – Light Detection and Ranging: A bill to permit the Department of Natural Resources to utilize light detection and ranging (LiDAR) when conducting topographic mapping at least every seven years , and share the information with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Flood Mitigation Program to ensure federal and state compliance guidelines. The unit may work with local, state and federal government entities to complete the mapping and post the results on the DNR’s website.

S.754 -- John de la Howe: A bill to establish structure for John de la Howe as a Governor’s School for Agriculture to provide students with a career aptitude in agriculture, agribusiness, natural resources and biotechnology. The bill establishes the makeup of the board of trustees, terms of the members of the board, and removal of members by governor, and establish provisions for students attending John de la Howe.

S.758 – Licensed Auctioneers: A bill to provide that a licensed auctioneer who is sixty-five (65) years or older with a minimum of twenty-five (25) years of licensure may apply to the commission to be granted an experience-based continuing education waiver to maintain active licensure.

S.865 – Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children: A bill to reauthorize the Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children through December 1, 2030.

S.866 -- Municipal Elections: A bill to provide that the county boards of voter registration and elections be considered the appropriate authority to hear parties contesting results of municipal elections.

S.868 -- Beach Preservation Policy: A bill relating to the state’s beach preservation policy to provide if a primary ocean front sand dune is more than 250 feet landward, the baseline be established seaward of the primary oceanfront sand dune at a distance equal to thirty percent of the distance from the primary oceanfront sand dune.

S.882 -- South Carolina Private Flood Insurance Act: A bill to establish a baseline for regulating flood insurance in the state by specifying requirements for insurers that offer flood coverage. The bill establishes two classes of flood insurance: (1) standard, the policy is equivalent to coverage offered under the NFIP, and (2) nonstandard, that the policy is focused on insureds who seek flexibility in levels of coverage and are not required by a mortgage contract to carry coverage. Insurers are required to file their rates with the Department for informational purposes. Rates must comply with customary standard and may not be unfairly discriminatory and additional provisions.

S.909 -- Professional Employer Organizations Tax Credits: A bill to relating to provisions of professional employer organizations which may be eligible for certain tax credits and economic incentives, as to delete the requirement that functions may be provided by regulation and make other changes.

S.954 -- Disposal of Surplus Property: A bill to permanently enact the authority of Midlands Technical College Enterprise Campus Authority to dispose surplus property established in Act 189 of 2018.

S.1017 – Vending Facilities: A bill to exempt local detention facilities from those served under jurisdiction of operation of vending facilities by blind persons. The chapter does not apply to any commissary services or publicly accessible areas of local detention facilities.

S.1026 -- International Registration Plan: A bill relating to the registration and licensure of vehicles that if a commercial motor vehicle is registered through the International Registration Plan and operated by the USDOT then the personal to whom the USDOT number is assigned may register the commercial motor vehicle by submitting the application and fees the SCDMV.

S.1027 – Commission for the Blind: A bill to require members of the Commission of the Blind to meet at least once a quarter, previously listed once each month.

Given Second Reading

S.719 – Raffles: A bill to increase the fair-market prize awarded to a winner in a raffle from $48,000 to not exceed $80,000. The total fair market value for all prizes must not exceed $300,000. A nonprofit organization that has affiliates may submit a single report of all required information in a format authorized by the Secretary and maintain records.

S.977 – Revised Code of Laws: A bill to authorize the Legislative Council and the Code Commissioner to prepare and publish revised volumes of the Code of Laws.

S.1041 – Self-Storage Facility Late Fees: A bill to provide a definition for ‘late fee’ in relation to liens and denial of access to personal property contained in self-storage facilities. Establishes requirements to publicly announce the sale of personal property in the print and digital version of a newspaper of general circulation and online where practical.

H.3200-- Lactation Support Act: A bill to provide that employers shall provide reasonable unpaid break time and reasonable privacy accommodations for employees to express breast milk in close proximity to the work area.

H.3309 --Historic Preservation Grant Fund: A bill to remove the provision allowing the Department of Archives and History to establish fees and provide the Department shall develop an application process.

H.3695 -- Statewide Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System: A bill to provide the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) shall create and operate a statewide sexual assault kit tracking system; to ensure medical facilities, law enforcement agencies, forensic laboratories and other persons collecting evidence participate with procedure established by SLED. The bill establishes proper protocol for tracking kits and additional requirements related to the housing and confidentiality of kits.

This Week In Committee

Banking and Insurance Committee:

S.753 – V-Safe Program: A bill to transfer one percent of revenues of insurance premium taxes to the V-Safe Program.

S.1071 – Firefighter Cancer Health Care Benefit Plan: A bill to establish the “Firefighter Cancer Health Care Benefit Plan,” to provide a supplemental insurance policy for a firefighter diagnosed with cancer and to set benefits and eligibility of the policy.

Fish, Game and Forestry Committee:

S.1068 –Migratory Waterfowl Committee: A bill to define migratory waterfowl as members of the family ‘Anatidae’ including brants, ducks, geese, and swans. Additionally, the bill repeals 50-11-20 relating to the migratory waterfowl committee and 50-9-670, migratory waterfowl permits.

H.4831 –Native Reptile and Amphibian Species: A bill to to promulgate regulations for the management of native reptile and amphibian specials and provide it is unlawful to possess, transfer, sell, barter, trade, ship or remove native reptile and amphibian species.

Education Committee:

H.3351 – Archives and History Duplicative Material: A bill to provide that upon approval by the Commission, nonrecord materials maybe removed from collection by girt or for sale. Additionally, the bill removes the provision prohibiting the director from doing additional work without pay, if receiving permission of the Commission of Archives and History.

The information contained herein is prepared by the staff of the South Carolina Senate and is not the expression of the Senate. It is strictly for the internal use and benefit of members of the Senate and is not to be construed by a court of law as an expression of legislative intent. This is a compilation derived from committee staff summaries and meetings.

As always, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, and thank you for allowing me to serve you in Columbia.

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